12 Jan 2016

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

This week has been hard. I was the first week back at sixth form after the festive period and consisted of my body freaking out about why I was forcing it to get up at 6.30am every morning, having to stand at the bus stop in torrential rain and wind that insisted on turning my umbrella inside out and the teachers dropping a massive bombshell on us that "Oh btw, you have mocks in three weeks. Did we forget to tell you?".

Umm. Yes!

Not only that but the Christmas decorations came down on Monday and it looks so ugly and bare everywhere now. I've resorted to spending the evening without the flicker of the fairy lights, stuffing my face with the last of the mince pies and Christmas cake before they go out of date. What a crime that would be!

And I wonder why three little angry spots  have suddenly popped up on my face? It's a total mystery to me :)

1. Maiden Voyage Necklace 

I've always had a slight obsession with the sea. It is just such a magical, mysterious place that I have always been drawn to. As a child I was always particularly interested in all things Mermaids. Ariel was my all time fav Disney Princess because duh sea shell bras all the way and if you look back at my old school work I think I listed my dream job as a mermaid once or twice (or three times!). So I was over the moon when I got this stunning necklace as a gift from my Nan.

I can't stop looking at it and am seriously tempted to buy all the items from that shop too! Although I doubt my bank manager will be very happy with me :)

2. My new food craving

A while back it was the beauty that is OJ and more recently jam and cheesy breadsticks, but know say hello to my new craving: Nachos and Salsa. I really brought them for Christmas but ended eating up the whole packet in about an hour tops and then did a mad sprint to Tesco in the rain to grab five more packets and two more pots of Salsa. If heaven was a food combination it would without a doubt be this! The saltiness and the crispness of the nacho mixed with the spice and chunkiness of the salsa is just orgasmic. I. AM. NOT. EVEN. KIDDING.

3. Movies 

Over Christmas the TV channels were alive with film after film after film and Miss Smarty Pants here had the good idea of recording them ALL. So splashed between episodes of Coronation Street and Celebrity Big Brother (Tiffany or John to win!) are hundreds of films all of which I practically watched this week. Bridge To Terribithia, Catching Fire, The Holiday, Brave, The Croods, The Theory Of Everything, The Host, Brooklyn and many more.

I was also forced to see the new Star Wars film and ended up completely bloody loving it! It was so nice to see a lead female character like Rey who wasn't dependent on a man to protect her like Princess Leila was in the older episodes.

4. Cat Mug

Although I said I wasn't going to do Christmas presents this year for my friends because I always end up buying two of everything (one for me and one for them!), my friend Meriel went ahead and got me something anyway! She knows probably more than anyone else that I'm the definition of a crazy cat lady, as I'm constantly boring her with The Adventures Of Toby The Tabby and forcing her to stop every minute when we go shopping to stroke a stray cat who was giving me the eyes, So it is no wonder that she scoured the internet and picked out this purr-fect cat mug for me. I get ridiculously over excited when I use it!

5. Phone Background

I only realised at the start of this week that I haven't change my phone background for about six months! Then I saw this post by Em and I was like "OMFG I swear this girl can read minds!" The mosaic-esque background is gorgeous and currently adorns by lock screen, making me simile like the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland every time I go to unlock my phone. I've learnt now that a little change, even a new desktop or phone background, can make all the difference sometimes.


There isn't a sixth smile I'm afraid partly because I need to desperately get back to revising and partly because as I said earlier 'this week was hard!'

Love  Beth xx


  1. Godlike with your mocks! Just don't panic! :) And the first week back after Christmas is such a shock to the system!! Make the most of those mince pies!!

  2. I'll do my best and I would offer you a mince pie but I've just eaten the last one! :)


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