18 Jan 2016

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

I currently home alone. And hoping that I haven't just jinxed myself because I don't think I would be as epic as Kevin in a robbery situation.

Wait...what was the noise? Christ I think I'm being broken in to! Oh wait...it was only my signed One Direction picture falling off the wall. 

Don't judge.

Toby is currently stretched across the best seat in the house, so maybe I'm not home alone at all depending on the official definition of 'home alone' which I am too lazy to look up. Anyone? So I've been forced onto the lumpy seat in the corner although the extra bum...lets call it cushioning that I happened to acquire over the festive period is coming in quite useful indeed!

I just made my self a cup of tea in this babe of a mug, burnt my tongue and subsequently spilt half of it all over my new fluffy pink Primark slippers. I also manged to trip over my dressing gown toggle (I think that's the technical term!) this morning and nearly went head first through the TV screen.

Again don't judge.

While I just cower behind the sofa because I just heard a car pull up outside and it could be a getaway car, please enjoy or not enjoy reading what made me smile this week:

1. Sixty Second Coral Nails 

Since somebody first told me coral was the need black I've been like a woman possessed, searching high and low for the perfect colour. And you guessed it, I found one! This Rimmel one to be precised which I currently have on my nails as I type this.

I'm not going to lie and pretend that I am a super human being whose nail vanish never chips or smudges and always looks perfectly immaculate because it doesn't. To be quite honest I don't wear nail vanish as much as I should as I always end up picking it all off by the end of the first day. But this colour is so beautiful and vibrant that I am trying damn hard not to pick it. Apparently knitting helps but ain't nobody got time for that. Besides, my man David Attenborough is on TV so ya know!

2. Nebula Sterling Silver Ring 

You may also spy the sexy beast on my finger which is the gorgeous Nebula Ring I picked up recently. It's from the cutest little online shop that I could and have spent hours drooling over. I love the medieval style of it and that it is adjustable as well so can fit any of my fingers, even poor Mr Fat Thumb over here! The picture above really doesn't do it justice though. I attempted to capture the magic of in a video over on my Instagram account...if you wanna like pop over.

Nothing like a bit of self-promotion of course!

3. Writing a real letter

Not only that but it was to a real person not somebody on the other side of a computer screen. This letter was pretty fricking important too because it was about my two week work experience placement in July which I was hoping to complete at my old primary school. And guess what? I got it!

The idea of going out into the real world and getting a taster of what my future could be, if I don't become an internet sensation within the next year of course, is a pretty terrifying prospect! Yet there is a tiny, very deep down part of me which cannot wait because getting up at half six every morning to study is not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I've got an interview with my old deputy head coming up soon (internal scream!) and yeah, life is generally looking good.

4. Goodbye Alan Rickman 

I know it is a bit weird to have the death of an actor who played my all time fav character, Severus Snape, in my smile post but stick with me.

I heard the news when somebody shouted it out in a cafe and everyone, including the woman behind the counter pouring milk, just froze. It was like a double whammy having just recently said goodbye to David Bowie. But Alan Rickman's death did make me shed a little tear. He brought Snape alive from paper to cinema screen in such a beautiful way. I smile now because I know that his portrayal will be forever legendary and that in the future people will still be watching the films and reading the books, and when they think of Snape, it is Alan's face they will see. What more could you ask for than that?

5. Missing the bus 

On Wednesday, I don't know how I did it, but I missed the bus home when I was out. It was timetabled to arrive at 3pm. So one minute it was five to three and the next I looked at the clock and it was 3:10pm! I must have fallen asleep or something, but the panic that rose inside of me quickly brushed away the tiredness. I was left wandering around in the cold (thank god for this coat!) until somebody came and eventually pick me at five. 

Moral of the story: don't fall asleep when you are waiting for a bus! 

6. Getting books through the door

Having a nice chat with the sexy postman when he delivers a parcel is possible my highlight of the week (sad I know!) but when that parcel contains a surprise book delivery from the kind people at Bookbridgr is even better! I'm currently absorb in the world of The Chimes*, the debut novel of Anna Smaill, with it's beautifully written chapters and enchanting story line as we speak and will definitely be writing up a review of it shortly. So yeah, watch this space! 

Love Beth xx

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  1. I can imagine the scene in that cafe now because it was pretty much the same reaction I had... just frozen, mouth open and couldn't believe it! I definitely shed a tear for Alan Rickman. He was one of my fave actors! His portrayal of Snape is just bliss and I honestly believe JK wrote that character with him in mind. But to me, he will always be Hans Gruber. #RIPAlanRickman

    (Oh and I get what you mean... it's not happy that he's gone, it's the happy memories he's brought us all through his acting).

    Love the ring!! <3

    1. So sad! Thank you Becster for you constant support on this blog of mine x


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