4 Jan 2016

Dear 2016

So we are four days into 2016.

A thousand 'Happy New Year' messages read and replied to.

Plus three point five million of these posts filling up our Bloglovin' feed. So of course I'd thought I just throw in another just because what the heck!

And I'm sorry to say that 2016 doesn't feel any different from 2015. When the clock struck midnight at my friends New Years Eve Party and we crossed our arms and sung that weird song that nobody really knows the words to, I didn't suddenly feel like a whole new person. I was still biting my nails, still had terrible, oily skin, still walking around in leggings because they are just so much more comfortable than jeans and still stuffing my face with unhealthy snacks because the left over Christmas chocolate was calling my name. What can I say?

Looking back on 2015, I realised that I actually achieved a lot of things that I am bloody proud of. It's not often you will find me praising myself but today I am. When my friends raised their glasses and shouted '"here's to a better year'"I thought, apart from my great aunt dying, that I couldn't have asked for a better year:

 -I left high school wearing a shirt covered in beautiful messages from all my friends
- I studied for six months straight and ended up with twelve GCSEs under my belt
- I got accepting into the sixth form of my choice
-After years of saying I would, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone, signed up and graduated from the National Citizen Service 
-I brought a dress, hired a limo, had my hair done and went to prom
-And finally,  I made a conscious decision to make Instagram a happier place

This year, well, I'd like to achieve even more. I would like to redecorate my entire home so it looks like Elsie's house. I'd like to travel to Bali like Jaclyn because my Instagram NEEDS snaps like this. I'd like to update my wardrobe so it looks  as sassy as Hannah's. I'd like to get a puppy like Rosie for my birthday- hint hint. I'd like to be able to apply make up as well as Victoria does and write as many book reviews as Bee...

But I don't think that is all quite going to happen even if I have got twelve months to complete it in. Instead I have decided that the only thing that sucked in 2015 was my attitude to life.

The attitude where you go 'Oh I'll do that tomorrow' or 'Oh I'm so ugly' and 'Oh my life is so terrible I just want to die' because really I'm just being melodramatic Bethany. I'm done with complaining and moaning about everything. I'm done with being shy and reserved around strangers but a crazy maniac around friends. I'm done with being scared of the future and being independent. And even for all the good things that happened in 2015, I'm done with that too.

Dear naive unsuspecting 2016. It's a big wide world out there so....HERE MUMMA COMES!

Love Beth xx


  1. 2016 is your year, for sure ;) GET WRITING THOSE BOOK REVIEWS, missy!

    Thank you for your comment on my 2016 to do list - I appreciate it a lot :)


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