30 Jan 2016

The Chimes | Anna Smaill

"Imagine a London where music has replaced the written word and memories are carried as physical objects. Memory itself is destroyed by the Order's vast musical instrument, the Carillion. which renders the population amnesiac so each day seems the same as the last. Simon is different. He wakes each morning with a prickling feeling that there is something he has to do. He meets Lucian, a boy who knows more about the dangers lurking in Simon's past than he realises, Slowly, inexplicably Simon begins to remember"

When I first began reading The Chimes* I will be honest and admit that I nearly gave up in the first few chapters.

This is a book that rewards patience as initially I seriously struggled to get my head around the strange language being used and frankly what the hell was actually happening.

There were parts I had to read three times over just to make sense of and I found it difficult to follow as each chapter didn't seem to link to the one before.

However as I ploughed on, waiting for the moment when I would see the book that half the newspapers and websites in the world seemed to be reading, I realised that Anna had made the plot disjointed and strange on purpose. Here she was writing about a character whose memories of his past, childhood, family, the lot, were missing and who was basically stuck in the present forever. I mean, imagine not knowing where you came from? Not knowing if anybody once loved you? Not even knowing the conversation you had yesterday? So Simon's amnesia and confused state of mind was mirrored in my own confusion, cleverly allowing me to sympathies with and understand him.

About a third of the way in, the story picked up.

The sense of amnesia for both of us was beginning to disappear and in it's place a solid, page turning plot line, constructed by an amazing imagination and talent for sentences so beautifully written they make you shiver.

The Chimes is unlike any teenage dystopian novel I have ever read. Forget about The Hunger Games, Divergent or The Fault In Our Stars, this is the book to read. I didn't even realise it until the end but, yes it is a love story. A love for music and the emotion it evokes within. A love for knowledge and knowing. A love for family. And most importantly a love another man.

Love From,
Beth xx

This product was sent for review. Please see my disclaimer to find out more. 

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