15 Feb 2016

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Right now I'm sitting in the conservatory, soaking in the morning sun.

My poor body is really confused as to whether or not it is summer or winter, like why is it sunny but the trees have no leaves and some body is mowing the lawn but your phone is telling you it's only February?

Toby is enjoying the sun as well since he has managed to wedge himself behind a box of Bulmer's Cider where the floor has been warmed up the hottest by the sun's ray. Every now and then he lifts his head and meows at me for food even though I only fed him ten minutes ago! Does anybody else have this problem or is my cat just a greedy bugger?

Anyway, I'm sorry I've missed doing this post the past few weeks as I've been busy doing very uninteresting things that writing a post like this about would be similar to trying to get blood out of a stone.

Instead, this post combines about three weeks worth of stuff which are mildly interesting and hopefully won't bore you into extinction like the dinosaurs although I doubt their lives were very boring being the biggest, meanest monsters in town and all that....:

1. Classics which don't seem like classics 

I've recently made it my mission to expand my reading genres, in particular to read more classic books because I realised I can't proudly call myself a book worm without having picked up the likes of The Great Gatsby or Lord Of The Flies.

Currently on my list is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier about a woman who falls in love and marries with handsome rich widower Maxim de Winters but the memory of his late wife Rebecca haunts their marriage and her identity like a phantom.

It is a thrilling and easy to read book that is unlike any 'classic' I've have ever read before. Compared to the beautiful but hideously complex Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights, this is a walk in the park!

2. Four posts which have made my day!

The reason I even started blogging in the first place was because I stumbled upon several blogs whose honest and hilarious posts I fell in love with instantly.

So although I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked to these past few weeks, I have still been keeping up with my favorite blog posts. From Jaclyn's post on Barbie's controversial new look, Kim's thoughts on why quitting your job, travelling and falling in love won't make you happy which basically made me cry and scream hallelujah, Bored Panda's satirical evolution illustrations  and all my favorite posts from Hannah in one place!

3. When babysitting turns into dogsitting

Recently I've been babysitting two lovely kids and basically getting paid to relive my childhood and spend the rest of the evening eating free food and watching TV. I really can't think of a better job than that!

It wasn't until I popped over their the other day and was greeted with a big fat slobbery kiss that they said "Oh yeah we forgot to tell you that we've just brought a seven week old Jug puppy!''.

Now, I don't know if you have even seen a Jug puppy but let me just give you some time to click here and envy that I get to spend a couple of evenings a week with this cutey pie asleep on my lap. Now I really can't think of an better job than this...unless of course they buy a kitten in which case I won't ever leave!

4. Football, rain and happiness 

A strange combination but just hear me out!

This weekend I went to watch a football match and even though i still don't understand the offside rule despite four people trying to explaining it to me in the course of an hour.

I stood in a open field which was basically a hurricane magnet to the point where I was nearly pushed over by the sheer force of the wind alone. I wrapped up with a thick coat, gloves, two pairs of sexy mo fo leggings and two pairs of sock, yet that still didn't prevent my toes literally turning blue.

 I left my phone at home, we lost the match, some poor kid dislocated his shoulder and yet I strangely enjoyed it. Maybe it was the hot chocolate warming my insides and that wonderful feeling you get when your cold and then enter a warm room, but I think it could have been something to do with spending time with my family. We are all so busy that it's hard to fit that quality time in but when you are stood in a field, being bored to death by football, you don't have any option but to actually talk to one another. And it's great!

5. Billy Elliot 

A few weeks ago my friend and I caught the train up the London and went to see Billy Elliot the Musical at Victoria Palace.

Now aside from how flipping amazing the show was, even though I have seen it before, I have to mention how beautiful the venue was. Like if I was rich and famous and money was no object, then I would not hesitate in buying that place and living there. It's absolutely magnificent, I mean even the bloody toilets were beautiful. When you spend 10 minutes staring at the bathroom wall you know it's a lovely place, right?

6. Puzzles 

Lastly, most people would probably associate puzzles which little kids and the elderly, but let me tell you if you think that, you are seriously missing out.

There are some absolutely fab puzzles around and if you find one you like (my current favs are the Panorama Disney ones!) then you will spend hours doing it.  Plus research has shown that it's good for our health so ya know, get to it people. Lets make puzzles the next colouring books!

How has your week been?
Love Beth xx


  1. My cats love sitting in the sunny spots and warming their little paws too :) I need to read Rebecca, my mom loves the film... I always found it kind of scary when I was little! Your babysitting job sounds bloody brilliant haha :) Lovely post x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

    1. Cats are definatly sun worshipers, there's no doubt about it! And Rebecca is great- it's a little scary but really interesting and gripping. You should give it a try x


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