11 Feb 2016

8 Things To Do When You Feel Suffocated By Life

I'll be the first to admit that my blogging game hasn't been quite as sassy as I've led myself to believe.

The problem is that recently there has been this constant nagging and uncomfortable feeling in my body- no in my bones- that I've just not been able to put my finger on.

I wasn't until today when I woke up a second before my alarm started that horrific beeping sound which will forever haunt my subconsciousness, when I had a shower using the same old shower gel that's always on special in Tesco, when I dressed in my usual comfortable tights and skirt combo, when I spent too long doing my make up that I had to shovel my breakfast down while walking to the bus stop in the typical English rain that I finally realised what the feeling was.

Life, with it's boring daily routine and so called 'unexpected events' that I've seen a million times before, was suffocating me! Like physically smothering me it's metaphorical pillowcase of dullness and endless mind numbing cycle.

I've realised that I need to stop being such a Debby Downer and see that the only reason I'm feeling so fed up and trapped is because I'm trapping myself with those kind of negative thoughts. But thankfully, I think, I have now managed to untangle myself from that web!

And I'm really frickin' hoping that I'm not the only one to have ever felt this way. So what's a blogger  to do when she needs some reassurance and want to make sure that everyone else in the world remembers to keep on appreciating the little joys and pleasures of life?

She's going to write a list of course:


I don't care what you say, there is no better way to take you out of yourself and spend an hour or two in somebody else's life, than reading.

I personally find that first person narration is best as you really have the change to get inside a character's head, rummage around in all their thoughts, feeling and memories and pretty much forget about everything going on around you.

It's surprisingly quick how the walls stop trying to squash you and actually start behaving like normal flipping walls!


One of the reasons you might be feeling suffocated is because you have't actually left the house in a week. I know it's tempting to sit and watch Netflix in your Pjs all day but your poor lil' lungs are practically crying out for some fresh air.

Don't make excuses, just pull on a warm coat, a scarf and go for a walk. Preferably a nice country walk across fields and down footpaths but if not a walk to the shops, even if for a mere five minutes, it is still better than nothing.

There's a paragraph in the book I'm reading at the moment, Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, that perfectly sums up the beauty of nature, emphasizes the goodness of a walk and unintentionally ingeniously links to the picture above:

"The daffodils were in  bloom, stirring in the evening breeze, gold heads cupped upon lean stalks, and however many you might pick there would be no thinning of the ranks, they were masses like an army, shoulder to shoulder" 


Sometimes eating the same kind of food- you know the easy stuff like chicken and chips which requires no culinary skills what so ever- can make your life feel like boring, bland mush.

So why not push the boat out a bit? I'm not asking you to spend hours toiling away in the kitchen, making mitchelin star food. Instead search the internet for some quick but tasty recipes. Throw in a vegetable you haven't tried before. Add a pinch of spice to mix up the flavours etc.

It's not rocket science!


Invest in a good quality camera or a Polaroid and snap away to your hearts content. I find that it completely makes you reassess the world around you and appreciative of all the little pretty things in it. Take pictures of anything that happens to catch your attention, different colours, textures and objects that make your heart swell with happiness. When you do actually take a good picture it will swell with childish pride that makes you want to thrust the picture in every strangers face that you see too.

Sorry about that...


I don't think people realise just how important friends are. Sure it's good to spend time alone or with your family, but friends provide relief and entertainment that neither of those things can give you. I more than anyone know how difficult and time consuming it is to stay in contact with friends that move away, but it's totally worth the effort.

Nothing makes me smile or laugh more than meeting up with my girls.We talk about everything and anything and act like hysterical ten years old just because we can!

So if there is somebody you haven't spoken to in a while, give them a call, text them or message them on social media and arrange to meet up. It will put some much needed sunshine back into your life and be an answer to the question "What did you do this weekend?"


When you are feeling fed up with life, diets and bank balances don't matter! As long as you don't ho mad with your spending it's perfectly acceptable to treat yourself to something nice.

Whether is a massive slice of Victoria Sponge Cake from a cafe, a new outfit or a spa treatment, just go for it! You'll instantly feel so much better about yourself.


Going to the same place over and over again is something we all do because, whether we like it or not, our comfort zones are pretty amazing places that very few of us enjoy leaving.

Going to the same restaurant, the same holiday resorts, the same hotels and the same shopping centers are just part of that reluctance to step outside of our routines. BUT WE HAVE TO because that cycle is what makes us bored and frustrated with our lives. We have to push ourselves to try new menus, visit others attractions and explore new cities and towns that we are quiet likely to get lost in.

You just have to go with it or face the prospect of becoming one of those weird customers the staff know by name!


Surprisingly, the world is a whole lot better when you aren't focused on me, me ,me all the time.

Giving make to the community is a lot easier than you would think. It could be something simple like donating to Cancer Research UK, adopting an animal with WWF or volunteering at your local library to read with cute lil' cherubs.

If you really wanted to go all out why not sign up to the organ donation register or give blood to save somebody's life. What could be more flipping rewarding than that?

Anything else you would add?
Love Beth xx


  1. Great post! I absolutely agree with reading a book and I also find drawing really helps calm me down

    1. Aw thank you Becky! I didn't think of drawing but that's actually a pretty good idea x


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