21 Feb 2016

The Top Five Instagram Accounts According To Me

I love myself some Instagram.

It's my constant companion that stores all my memories as physical objects, that keeps me entertained while I wait for a bus, makes me looking less of a loner that I already do and prevents me from sleeping at night because I just can't keep away. I'm an addict, what can I say?

In just six years, Instagram has well and truly taken the world by storm. In a survey of twelve to twenty five year olds it was voted as the most important social media site, which is unsurprising as it now has around 400 million monthly users! 70 million photos are shared every single day, adding up to 30 billion photos since it began which is over four times the number of humans on earth! And every year those numbers are continuing to rocket, so you can't really blame us bloggers, brands and companies for taking full advantage of it's awesomeness.

It's an amazing place to increase your following and is almost like a tiny little window into a person's life. It's a rose tinted window at that but all the same, it's a window. And here I thought I would share a select few of my favorite Instagram accounts whose window's I frequently and excitedly peek into on a daily basis...wait I didn't mean that analogy to sound quite as creepy as that!


1. @Bookmarauder  

I love books!

 I have said it once and I will say it again. My dream house would have a massive library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and ladders to reach the very top like in Beauty and The Beast. Until that happens, because IT WILL, I'll have to make do with Mara's Instagram account. Her colour coordinated bookshelves are to die for as are her cute book memorabilia, like the Pop Funko Hunger Games and Harry Potter character. I swear if I could jump into any Instagram account, I would jump into this one without hesitation.

Like me Freya is also a blogger  but unlike me she is an amazing humanitarian and animal welfare photographer. On Instagram she shares her quiet life in London with her adorable dog Mollie and other times (my fav times!) she shares her oversea travels from the bottom of mines in India, the hills of Guatemala and the market places of Morocco. Her feed never fails to make me smile and opens my eyes to worlds of poverty, animal suffering but also beauty that I never knew existed. 

For a long long time now Hannah's lifestyle and fashion blog has had me hooked like a fish on the end of a rod! I cannot get enough of her home life in Ipswich with her two gorgeous cats who just happen to have their own Instagram account as well, like ya do. She is so down to earth, funny to the point where I often end up in stitches and a bloody dab hand at photography too. Her feed is always bright, cheerful and contains lots of mouth watering food snaps- my type of gal! 

4. @eejewelry  

Another thing I loooove is jewelry. Especially quirky, hand made jewelry!

That is where Eclectic Eccentricity come in. They are a beautiful company that specialize in re-imagining vintage components and draw inspiration from everything and anything including animals and science. If money was no object I would be on their website now, ordering every last item! Their feed always brightens my day, although my bank manger is never quite as happy and I can't possibly work out why...

5. @Ciderwithrosie 

Rosie is yet another blogger who I just adore.

Her Instagram feed is full of cute, troublesome spaniels that melt your heart, delicious home bakes, coffees upon coffees and stunning country walks that make you want to pull on your wellies immediately and go crunching through a forest whatever the weather. I am always eager, much like a spaniel myself (yes, I just essentially called myself a dog!) to see what adventures she will post next.

Is Instagram you fav social media site? And now you have seen my fav Instagram accounts, what are your?

Love Beth xx

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