28 Feb 2016

Two Today!

Well at the beginning of this month anyway, but that's not a sexy enough title!

It seems strange to think that I have been sat typing away on this laptop and recording two years of life, half of which I can barely remember.

 And it was in those years that my writing has improved massively since that first embarrassing post, I discovered that social media could actually be used to promote posts, I passed every single one of my GCSEs, went to prom, went on holiday with my friends twice, joined sixth form and learnt a heck of a lot about myself.

Currently I have 144 blog followers in total and 677 twitter followers, which in the grand schemes of things is not half as much as other bloggers have gained in that time. However, you have to remember that I am a full time student and emotional teenage wreck with blogging simply as a hobby.

The fact I have only gained a handful of followers in the last year is purely my fault.

 I'm inexperienced, busy and super lazy when it comes to blogging. It wasn't until last year that I properly discovered twitter chats and within that time I have been so busy during the weekdays that it has only been at the weekends that I've been able to blog. And that generally leaves little time to do much else, so when I get the chance to snuggle up on the sofa with Netflix or engage in a twitter chat, it's Netflix all the way baby!

Maybe next birthday we will have 200 followers! Or I'll write a post that is so super amazeballs that it will blow your mind and even the Queen and Beyonce will have read it...or maybe not. A girl can dream.

This second year has probably been my most successful in terms of audience engagement like comments which are so cute they blow my mind too! So here, just because I can't resist a bit of self promotion, are the most popular posts I have ever written:

Here's to another great year,
Love Beth xx

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