14 Mar 2016

A Sick Day

Here's the deal:

I went through the whole winter period where rain drummed relentlessly on the windowsills and even managing to leak through our poor old conservatory roof (*cue room full of buckets*), where I was only one sad about the fact that the frost had killed all the pretty daisy and dandelions which are apparently weeds in our garden and where I kept peeking out the window every single damn morning hoping to see snow but nada without catching so much as a sore throat.

Then come the arrival of spring, where the weather is getting milder and all the Lint chocolate bunnies are busy laying their chocolate eggs (legit where I thought they came from when I was young!) and I've spent five long, tiring days yaking up gross yellow gunk from my chest.


Currently I'm in my pjs watching Call The Midwife repeats (love ya BBC!) because what other joys do I have in my life right now what with mocks in a few weeks and my head feeling like it's about explode. I don't think my body would appreciate it if my brain also felt like it was explode too, there is only so many aspirins and lozenges a girl can take.

Am I like the only one who hates putting pills and stuff into their body? I know it makes you feel SO much better but do we really know what's in that stuff and what the heck it's doing inside us and shit I've got ear ache and I think on that leaflet with the tiny tiny writing on listed that as a possible side effect and omfg am I about the die?

Anyway, I kind wanted to write this post a) to make my day have some purpose and b) to show anyone I might know who could be stalking me that I am genuinely ill. I'm pretty good when it comes to pain but I really do hate all the fuss people give you when your ill like for crying out loud I've got a sore throat I think I can manage to make myself a cup of tea without dying. Some people love all that fuss and attention and their loved ones basically become their slaves for a couple of days but me...nah tha. Just let me curl up in a dark room with a hot water bottle and a tin of biscuits for a few days and I'll be right as rain.

On Tuesday me and a few friends of mine have signed up a Zumba class at the Brentwood Centre and I gotta get better for that because bae just splashed out an brought herself a new sports bra! It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm looking forward to the class in fact I couldn't think of anything worse. I hate exercise! School PE classes and the teacher whose nipples were always scarily visable beneath her vest top have well and truly put me off for life.

 I think this chest infection must have infected my brain too or something...god I really hope it's not the start of a zombie apocalypse or something!

Well anyway I'm off because I've run out of water and my throat is drier than the flipping Sahara dessert- no lie- and obviously if you don't hear from me soon I'm either dead from pneumonia, a heart attack from Zumba, being eaten alive by a zombie mob or ya know suffocated by this duvet...

On that cheerful Monday morning note. See ya!

Love Beth xx

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