24 Apr 2016

Why You Should Love The Royals As Much As Me

Last Thursday the Queen turned ninety and I was probably more excited then than when my brother was born...sorry bro! So I think it's fair to say that I am a royalist through and through.

I think this all began with my love for history as a young girl when my Dad would make me watch TV documentaries about the Tudors, take me to museums up London and answer my very pressing questions about how exactly you mummify someone and why on earth the Celts thought it fashionable to paint their faces blue.

I mean a gal gotta know, right?

My school was probably a big influence too in which I remember spending hours drawing the Egyptian Gods in Art, writing diary entries from the perspective of a Victorian servant and dressing up as a Greek in a bed sheet thanks to my Nan's handy work on the sewing machine.

From there came my interest in the royals and their amazing and frankly terrifying family history that dates back over a thousand years from bloody battles, murderous villains, beheadings and a whole lot of drama that would give The Kardashian's a run for their money!

But at the end of the day, they are our history.

In a world where the press and parliament are viewed with negativity and suspicion, good old Queenie is one of the few people we can trust. What's more she is now the longest and oldest serving British Monarch who at the age of twenty one pledge her entire life to our service.

She has created peace between our country, Germany, Japan and most recently Ireland as well as travelling the world on our behalf and almost never for her own pleasure- I mean when was the last time you saw her sunbathing in the Mediterranean? Yet at the age of ninety she is still going strong, despite being a similar age to my Nan who spends all her time watching reruns of Countdown and The Chase!
"I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong."
      - Queen Elizabeth 1947

People are quick to judge the Royal Family but they forget that attractions related to them bring in on average £500 million a year from oversea tourists and yet new figures have shown that they only cost British Taxpayers 51p each! And although the attractions are unlikely to spontaneously combust should the monarchy be abolished, it is the Royals being firmly in the limelight that keeps them relevant today.

In years to come, we won't be remember for those smoking selfie we put up on Instagram, the time somebody wore the same outfit as us at a party or the time we threw up over ourselves with nerves before a big presentation and had to stand on stage wondering if anyone else could smell last night's dinner too!

 No, we will be remembered as Elizabeth II's people:

The crazy, patriotic people who camp out in the rain for the chance of spotting the Royals drive past in a car with blacked out windows. The people who line the streets madly waving union jack flags at who ever walks by. The people who turn up wearing weird and wacky things. The people who throw bouquets of flowers at the Queen even thought we know they will probably end up in the bin in ten minutes time. And the people and their communities who hang up bunting, bake the most gorgeous cakes and throw extravagant street parties to celebrate.

Britain would be nothing without the Royal Family, just another little floating island that people can't remember the name of.

Nauru or Djibouti, anyone?

Love Beth xx


  1. I love the Royals! I'm a big history geek when it comes to the Tudors and that era and I love getting glimpses of our Royal family. Imagine how much less tourism Britain would have if it wasn't for Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court and more- which are all only around because of the Royal family! Nope, I definitely agree with you!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

    1. Not the mention the fact Sian that those places are so beautiful and iconic and yet without the royal family none of them would exist!


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