29 May 2016

My First Month Of Bullet Journaling

I first discovered the Bullet Journal concept on Robowecop blog's and was hooked!

 Despite the hours I shamefully spend scrolling through Instagram, I have never once stumbled upon this cute little Bullet Journal community that I now find myself immersed within and I'm happy to report that Bethany now has a new baby to sink her teeth into and use as a distraction when she should probably be revising...


I've always loved the idea of keeping a journal and have tried many MANY times before, once with a tradition journal that you write in every day and once with this Q&A a-day-five-year journal which I brought simply because it was Potter style and looked megz cute on my bookshelf! And on both occasions I didn't get past the first week because:

a) I was lazy
b) Unmotivated
c) And it was dull af!

But the Bullet Journal is different.

Maybe it's the role of the community that spurs me on to produce more and more beautiful pages or maybe it's the fact that, unlike the other journals, I'm producing work which will actually benefit and motivate me to do things and get organised such as to-do lists, memory loggers, future logs, goals, inspirational quotes and habit and finance trackers. But most importantly of all- the thing which first caught my attention- the freedom to make your Bullet Journal your own Bullet Journal.

There are a few, easy guidelines on how a basic journal should be set up- which you can find over at Bulletjournal.com and in more detail at Tiny Ray Of Sunshine's blog if my rambling have somehow interested you- and after that it's completely up to you how you layout the pages out and what you fill them with.

It's a bit like if Hagrid, after dropping the biggest bomb shell of Harry's life that he was in fact a wizard, gave him a wand and said "Knock your self out!" before disappeared into the Leaky Cauldron to buy another dangerous man-eating animal.

Like ya do.

Half of you would be brimming with excitement and want to vomit a rainbow of colour and fancy calligraphy all over the page of your new Leuchtturm1917 and the other half of you would want to spend hours umming and ahhing over what to possibly fill the first page with before giving up and putting the notebook with the other pile of notebooks you couldn't possibly bare to write in and ruin.

And yep I just used a super cool Harry Potter analogy there and I'm #sorrynotsorry.

For me, I started by looking for inspiration on Instagram and blogs including the Bullet Journal Queen herself Boho Berry. That may or may not have been the best idea as I found myself amazed at some of these pieces of art work which made Van Gough looks like a four year old and drew shame to those of us (moi!) with dreadfully bad handwriting. But I learnt that there was really no correct way to Bullet Journal. From fancy expensive notebooks to £1 ones from WHSmith, blunt pencils to fountain pens and works of art to minimal get-the-job-done black and white journals.

The choice is yours.

I cannot wait for June as there are a few things I would like to change/add to my Bullet Journal system due to personal preference including:

  • Colour codded dots instead of the symbols that are suggested to use as note indicators as I remember things more visually, plus duh their coloured dots!
  • Removal of the Doodle Of The Month Page as it felt too rigid and really doodles should be more spontaneous and...doodelious.
  • A bigger future log as I didn't originally think I would be able to fill a full-sized one but then so many events have come up (cos I'm so popular and that!) that if my little brain remembers much more, I'm sure it will explode!
  • And more original layouts rather than copying  taking 'inspiration' from Instagram!

But really this is only the beginning so here's to all my current and future fellow Bullet Journalists:

May your journals forever be filled with page upon page of useful spreads and may rainbows and unicorns and everything perfectly perfect come rolling from your pencil every time you write and let's try REALLY super DUPER hard to not abandon this journal like all the others!

It's special.

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