26 Aug 2016

6 Of The Best Places To Visit In Norfolk

You wouldn't have thought it but Norfolk is a pretty cool place to be. I mean I have no idea why Beyonce is not partying it up there with DiCaprio and the rest of Hollywood because they are seriously missing out. Big time!

I, on the other hand, spent a lovely weekend there and returned yesterday two stone heavier with aching feet, knotted hair that even my tangle teezer cannot fix and a camera roll flooded with a gazillion pictures.

I  have visited a few times before as my god mother lives up but is often unable to come and visit us due to ill health, so we use it as an excuse to pop up there every now and then. Besides it's only two and bit hours- unless you get caught in traffic which you usually do unless you set out in the dead of night but ain't nobody got time for that!

So I guess you could call me a bit of an expert when it comes to anything about holidaying in England including to the most scenic places to visit, restaurants with the scrummiest food,  shops that sell the creamiest ice creams, the best beaches for sunbathing. the most instragramable cafes and of course the cheapest pubs to get drunk at.

So if you're into any of that shit, yo better read on because I have collected together all my norfolky knowledge and mashed it together into one flipping fantastic post. Don't say I never treat you:

1. The Instagram One: Bridgestones Restaurant and Cafe 

This is one of my favorite cafes with possibly the best window display I have ever seen in my life. Everything is homemade with the freshly sourced high quality ingredients that make the slabs of cakes, tarts, flapcakes and scones simply melt in your mouth. It is located in Potter Heigham (which is a beautiful place to visit anyway!) and is the most cutest family run business you will ever come across. 

The owners have over thirty years experience running the place and the staff are so lovely, even joking around with us when they asked if we were using their free wifi to play Pokemon Go, which we totally weren't btw...okay maybe we were but don't tell anyone! 

Oh and the interior is like so me, with big cushy leather sofas, bookcases, nicnacs and the cutest bird of paradise wallpaper. I could honestly live there forever- YOU NEED TO VISIT NOW! 

2. The Family Fun One: Herbert Woods

Right across the road from BridgeStone is Herbert Woods, a bright blue building home to the second largest boat hire yard on the Broads. Every time we go to Norfolk we are sure to spotted cruising down the river on a day boat or a kayak in our life jackets (which are as incredibly attractive as always!) 

You need no former boating experience what so ever as the staff are happy to explain everything, including safe precautions, and before long it will just be you and the open water, maybe even a few swans thrown in for good measures. 

But beware, they aren't at all as friendly as they might look! 

Once you get over the whole this-is-like-titanic-all-over-again-and-omg-i'm-going-to-die-a-virgin thing, it's pretty enjoyable stuff. 

3. The Scenic One: The Bridge Inn 

This is the first of three pubs that I would like to introduce you to. As you can see this one is pretty special- I mean look at that boat use as a flower planter! 

It is a very popular tradition pub with brilliant outdoor facilities running along side the Broads. The food on offer is your typical pub grub, which FIY I adore! It's the type of hearty meal that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy like there is a little bear cub curled up asleep inside you. Ya know the feeling?

And remember as your on holiday, calories don't count so shove as much food as you can fit in your gob and thank me later.

 A puppy would be nice...!

4. The Once In A Life Time Chance One: Horsey Beach 

Beaches in England have a reputation for being a bit shall we say...shit. And for most of them that is very true, with the exception of Horsey beach.  

In the summer it is one of those lovely beaches with sand instead of those retched pebbles that decide to rip the soles of your feet open just for the lols. And even more surprisingly, in the winter when the beach is the last place on your mind to visit, it is covered in seals! Like actual real life seals.

 Although we didn't actually know that then so turned up in the middle of July expecting to see them literally everywhere, like in the pictures, but sadly only spotted the head of one bobbing around near the horizon. Instead I'm just gunna have to convince someone to take me down there in the winter so I can hopefully see some up close. 

Oh and park at the Horsey Gap or Windpump car park if you wanna go seal hunting otherwise its miles away and if your anything like me, you'll be dead by the time you reach them! 

5. The History One: Blicking Hall 

I am a total nerd when it comes to anything mildly history related and so when I found Blicking Hall on TripAdvisor, I practically had a heart attack. I mean what could be better than a beautiful stately home and 9500 acres of gardens and walks to wander through and dream about the day you win the lottery and can finally move in. Not the mention the fact that there is a stunning circular lake to walk around filled with fish and ducks because who doesn't love feeding the ducks and there is also not one but two cute little cafes which serve divine homemade soup, massive slaps of cake and buttery shortbread. 

It is honestly the best place to visit on a warm summers day with a picnic in tow and if you are national trust member you get in free of charge. 

I may also have already planned my wedding there because I mean imagine how gorgeous the photos would be with that house in background!

6. The Yummiest One: Bucks Arms 

This pub (yes we love a pub in this family as you can probs tell from the amount of them featured here!) is not even five minutes from Blicking hall and is the perfect place to relax after trudging around the estate all the day. It's quite small inside although there is a cute lil' courtyard if the weather is nice and severs much poshier (and tastier!) nosh than the other two pubs...but don't tell them I said that. 

And if only buy one thing there on your visit, please for the love of God buy the Lamb and Mint burger with Cajun fries. It is honesty the best thing in the world and the fries are so simple yet mouth-wateringly delicious- although a glass of water by your side is advisable as things can get a wee bit spicy in there! 

But despite serving slightly higher end food, it is still a lovely family friendly pub. Just remember to drink responsibly as being sick is never a good look. EVER

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