I'm Bethany. I live in Essex, England in a little house that backs onto a forest so magical it looks like it jumped right out of a fairy tale.

I'm an old soul who likes quiet nights in but who can dance until midnight. I hate sport but pass me a yoga mat or a pair of ice skates any day. Coffee makes me gag but tea is heaven in a mug. I like to paint but I'm rubbish at it. I go on holiday just to collect key rings from souvenir shops, only to put them away in boxes. I walk Toby in the fields even though he is a cat. I like cats. And dogs. And pretty much any other creature that breathes!

There are some wonderful moments in life that make me smile with sheer joy from reading a good book, film nights, day trips to London, baking and nature walks. Yet we all know that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. So I starting my blogging journey in February 2014 when Written In Black & White was born. It later went on the become In The Clouds as I began to chart the ups and downs of being a teenager in a 21st century world full of pressure and negativity surrounds us in the press.

There is no manual or guide on life and growing up, much like there is not one on how to keep this poor window plant alive, but I hope that this place will help or at least allow you to escape from the world for a little bit. 

This is a working progress, a diary, a photo album and a stop-off-and-chat kind of blog. I realise most people probably won't care to read the thoughts of a sixteen year old girl, but make of it what you will and enjoy! 

                                     Thanks for stopping by and remember come back any time to fly In The Clouds with me. 

If that wasn't enough for you, pop over to an interview I did mid 2015

Happy reading,
Love Beth xx

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